• Call us via (705) 242-3619

  • Orillia Fall Fair Singing Contest

  • Check the links below to see if your song is available.

    If your song is not listed in our data base file, check to see if the other sites below have it.

    If you want to practice your song, you can preview it and buy your own copy at itunes store (see below) or https://www.buykaraokedownloads.com/. This is highly recommended. The karaoke songs are usually a dollar to 3 dollars and playable on most computers.  You tube versions are usually lower sound quality and not recommended.

    Steve’s DJ will only play digital versions of songs. If you have your song on Karaoke cd or other formats, it must be converted to a media file such as “mp3+g, avi or mp4. You can test your file by seeing if it will play in VLC Media Player.

    If any of your selections are not in our library or available to us, you must provide your playable source(s) to Steve’s DJ by September 5. This will allow pre-programming of the event.

    Last minute substitutions are not usually possible and not recommended.