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Steve's DJ service offers customizable playlists, a state-of-the-art sound system, and expert party entertainment.

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Your Turn To Be A Star - Book Karaoke for your Party or Event

Everyone has once dreamed of being a star… and some just think they are.  Karaoke is an excellent complement to DJ entertainment,  band breaks or as stand-alone entertainment. 

 Steve’s DJ Service has a huge and diverse Karaoke library of songs which will include your old favorites to the latest hits so that your party can sing along to their favorite songs. 

 We use the CD plus graphics format and the words of the song are highlighted as a prompt on a TV screen monitor.  Fun graphics may also pop-up during the playing of the song.  Your event can be enhanced with the addition of an extra TV-monitor so that your guests can also read the lyrics.  Song catalogues and request forms are provided.

 Karaoke makes for an entertaining evening and is so much fun that it can become addictive.   

 We can make a star out of anyone!

Add BASIC Karaoke to any package for $199.00

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